Frequently Asked Questions

The principal difference between the two report forms is the level of detail reported back to the client. Homebuyer Reports are considered satisfactory for particular types of property Find out more..

Many people who buy property assume that the mortgage Valuation that is undertaken by the bank is a survey and that they can rely on it as a statement of condition. Find out more..


You must be a long leaseholder. At least two – thirds of the flats in the building must have been sold on long leases (minimum 21 years when granted). Find out more..

Valuations In respect of land and buildings, valuations are the biggest single area of risk, accounting for a large part of our compliance checks. This is particularly so where the valuation is not referred to a qualified independent valuer and it is important to make sure the valuation is made for the purposes of relevant legislation and meets Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Find out more..


We usually recommend an RICS Homebuyer Report for flats, particularly if they are relatively new, but if the flat forms part of a large converted Georgian house Find out more..

RICS guidance states that a regular terraced house, possibly with some alterations or extensions is suitable for a Homebuyer Report, but we often find that, because of the increased capital value involved, clients tend to prefer the more detailed Building Survey Find out more..


As we mentioned before, the UK Government has been clamping down on the tax position of overseas property owners and also introduced a change in Capital Gains Tax rules which state that, as of the 5 April 2015 Find out more..

Inheritance Tax valuations are undertaken as at the date of death. Although in our experience most valuations are no more than 12 months old, it can be the case that Probate matters go on for many years and we have carried out Find out more..


After much consultation, our professional body, the RICS, introduced a standard proforma Homebuyer Report designed to allow the public to easily understand the condition of their property as well as obtain an opinion on value. Find out more..

We are increasingly asked to carry out valuations of this type. Before proceeding it is important to establish whether the attic space is demised Find out more..


As with attic spaces, it is important to establish whether the land forming the side return forms part of your demise or whether it is wholly owned by Find out more..

We carry out a number of Charities Act valuations each year and are familiar with the obligations that fall upon charities in this regard. Find out more..


We carry out various valuations for both corporate and private clients, including, but not restricted to, valuations for French Wealth Tax, Housing Association Staircase Valuations for both acquisition and disposal Find out more..

People buying a house or flat often look for a cheap surveyor when considering a HomeBuyer or Building Survey report.
However, a cheap survey is not necessarily the best value. It is important to ensure that the surveyor you use is a Chartered Surveyor Find out more..


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